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Dear readers, Can resilience be an asymmetric answer to the hybrid threats? How do our states and societies prepare to be resilient? Is “resilience” a sexy discourse term or a concept important for our future development. The authors of the new issues look at Ukraine, Romania, Poland and the EU experience in building resilience.


What does it mean to be independent?

Online Expert Chat, 30-31 August 2021 What does sovereignty mean in our world, where countries are so interconnected? What attributes, symbols, stories make the country really independent? 30 years of independence – what have post-Soviet countries reached and accomplished, what failed, and why? What are the main challenges and threats to their independence? Are conflicts…


New Transatlantic?

Online Expert Chat, 2-3 February 2021 President Biden’s new US Administration seems to anticipate new Transatlantic dawn and a renewed geopolitical partnership. Before the inauguration day, the new US President stated, “The United States is back.” European Commission President Ursula Von der Leyen replied, “Europe stands ready.” Still, from the institutional rhetoric to the practical…


New threats

Online Expert Chat, 23-24 November 2020 New threats are the risks that we have not noticed earlier. Infodemic, pandemic, nuclear and space programs, AI, cyber and hybrid threats. How does the world react? How can we adapt? 2020 brought a new challenge that affected international relations – COVID-19. What are the future pandemics and unknown…


ІIІ Школа міжнародної аналітики UA: Ukraine Analytica

12-13 вересня, 2020, Одеса   12 ВЕРЕСНЯ (СУБОТА) 9:30-10.00 Реєстрація учасників 10.00 – 10.30 Вступна сесія (знайомство учасників, визначення мети та очікувань) 10:30 – 11.30 Лекція 1: «Аналітика та академія: про що писати, навіщо і як» Ганна Шелест, к.політ.н.,головна редакторкаUA: Ukraine Analytica, директорка Безпекових програм Ради зовнішньої політики Українська призма 11:30 – 11:50 Кава-брейк 11:50…


New Europe?
Is it a place for the US in new developments?

Online Expert Chat, 22-23 June 2020 2019-2020 brought a new reality to the European continent. Elections in Ukraine and Europe that changed significantly both political elites, pandemic response, increased Russian malign influence, and the US being more and more self-concentrated. During two-days-online-chat round table we will discuss what Is a new European landscape, is it…

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