Shaping NATO’s Strategy for the Black Sea Region

Venue: Odessa, Ukraine
UA: Ukraine Analytica
The German Marshall Fund

Discussion 1: Understanding New Security Transformations in the Black Sea Region

  • Which threats does the West face in the Black Sea region?
  • Has the area become an extension of the “Euro-Atlantic space” or is it becoming a southern border?
  • What can NATO do to strengthen its military deterrent in the area?
  • Are NATO interests aligned with the priorities of members and partners in the region?
  • What are the opportunities and obstacles for closer cooperation among littoral states?
  • Which national policy trends do we see in in the region that could impact the future of security in the Black Sea area?


Igor Kabanenko (Ukraine), UA PRA
Teimuraz Kekelidze (Georgia), Deputy Head of Security Policy and Euro-Atlantic Integration Department, Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Igor Munteanu (Moldova), Executive Director, IDIS Viitorul

Moderator: Dr. Hanna Shelest, Editor-in-chief, UA: Ukraine Analytica

Discussion 2:Shaping a NATO Strategy for the Black Sea Region

  • Post-Warsaw Summit, which next steps for NATO to build security in the Black Sea region?
  • What are the essential elements of a credible NATO strategy?
  • Which political, hybrid and military capabilities need to be further developed to fill potential deterrence gaps?
  • Is there space for more cooperation between NATO members and partners to advance shared interests?
  • Is a resolution of the region’s frozen conflicts possible?


Mykola Kapitonenko (Ukraine), Center or the International Studies
Shota Gvineria (Georgia), Security expert
Unal Cevikoz (Turkey), Former Ambassador of Turkey to Britain

Moderator: Bruno Lete, German Marshall Fund

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