This research paper aims to provide a complete analysis of Ukrainian- Romanian relations after 2004. Here, challenges that Romania and Ukraine have faced will be highlighted. Namely, their territorial dispute and the status of the Romanian minority in the Western part of Ukraine. Furthermore, a detailed analysis of the relations between the states after 2014 will be
provided. In order to do so, public discourse and political statements made by the Presidents of both countries will be used. This can be considered an efficient theoretical instrument to better comprehend the relations between the states. To end with, after giving an overview of the perplexing relationship in the context of Russian aggression, we would like to outline the opportunities to rebuild trust between Ukraine and Romania that we have today. 

Reghina Dimitrisina is a postgraduate in Political Communication at Babes-Bolyai University from Cluj- Napoca, Romania. She joined a Master programme in Political Communication at the College of Political, Administrative, and Communication Sciences and holds a Bachelor degree (BA) in International Relations and European Studies. During her Bachelor studies, she had outstanding academic results and her hard work was rewarded with the Romanian Government Scholarship. She continues to write and publish excellent book reviews and scientific papers in Romania and Ukraine as well. Her recent research project on “Comparative Analysis of the Electoral Campaigns of Vladimir Putin in 2000, 2004 and 2012” was published and presented at the International Students’ Conference on Communication in Romania.

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