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The renewed, full-scale aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine in 2022 has served as a further catalyst for grassroots nation-building efforts, highlighting the need for a comprehensive social model, prioritising inclusivity, stability, and long-term prosperity. While military victory against a brutal aggressor remains an existential necessity, being a key factor for Ukraine to protect its territorial integrity, the nation must continue to address long-standing socio-demographic challenges exacerbated by an ongoing war, leader-driven political projects, and short-sighted policymaking. Ukraine and its international partners can pave the way for sustainable peace and democratic resilience – both crucial for defending its sovereignty against future threats – by navigating through (post)war recovery with an inclusive, citizen-centred approach.

A demand for a clear articulation of the preferred social model is yet to be mentioned explicitly by the international (donor) community supporting Ukraine. Such a decision may be attributed to the fact that the active phase of the war is far from over.

Andriy Korniychuk, PhD in social sciences, works as a policy analyst at the Foundation for European Progressive Studies. He is also a member of the European Studies Unit at the Institute of Philosophy and Sociology of the Polish Academy of Sciences. Andriy’s research interests include the analysis of the ongoing transformational processes in the EU and its neighbourhood, and their international context.

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