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The issue of transparency is currently at the forefront of the attention of the EU, IMF, G7, and other international institutions. This aligns with the demands of Ukrainian society, which, unlike its international partners, takes a more radical position in understanding the concept of “transparency” and advocating for this principle. Hence, the question arises: Is Ukraine still lagging behind in openness of processes and ensuring transparency in recovery? Are international partners ready to accept the current level of transparency in relations and processes advocated by Ukrainian civil society? The purpose of this article is to seek answers to these questions and highlight the specific Ukrainian concept of transparency, which can become one of the fundamental principles of the country’s recovery..

the theme of market transparency in Ukraine has gained popularity recently. There are parallel tracks in the current discourse, including the emphasis on transparent markets for land, gas, real estate, timber, biofuels, and more.

Olena Andrieieva, PhD, Head of the Analytics Department at the Think Tank Institute of Analytics and Advocacy (Ukraine). She earned her degree in Political Science from the Kuras Institute of Political and Ethnic Studies of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine. With a background in academic research and lecturing, Olena specialises in policy analysis and research into the institutional capacity of NGOs and government bodies.

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