Ukraine Analytica 2(24)


In a realistic analysis of the status of national sovereignty of Ukraine and other post-Soviet states, the author argues that Russian aggression against Ukraine, post-Soviet frozen conflicts, and the U.S.-Russia antagonism have established the political, legal and military macrocontext in which Ukraine can develop for the foreseeable future. In this context, Ukraine can maintain its existing and even regain its pre-2014 level of sovereignty if it develops either as a buffer zone between the EU/West and Russia, or as NATO’s battering ram. The author concludes that the new Eastern Europe will remain a region of damaged national sovereignties with a high chance for new conflicts and poor chances for stable peace and socio-economic prosperity.

Mykhailo Minakov, D. Habil. in Philosophy, is a senior advisor at the Wilson Center’s Kennan Institute and a philosopher and a scholar working in the areas of political philosophy, social theory, development, and history of modernity. He is the author of six books, co-author of five books, and of numerous articles in philosophy, political analysis, history, and policy studies. Mikhail has over twenty years of experience in research and teaching in Ukraine, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, and United States. He is the editor-in-chief of the peer-reviewed journal Ideology and Politics Journal, of the Kennan Focus Ukraine blog, and of the philosophical web portal Koin?.

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