Call for Papers

UA: Ukraine Analytica

Issue 4 (14), 2018

UA: Ukraine Analytica is the first Ukrainian academic/analytical journal in English language on International Relations Politics and Economics. The journal is aimed for experts, diplomats, academics, students interested in the international relations and Ukraine in particular
The main topic of the issue is –NATO

The articles within the following topics are expected for consideration, but not limited to this:

  • NATO Transformation after 2014
  • New challenges for NATO and Article 5 use
  • Future NATO Enlargements
  • Global partnership without membership perspective

The abstract of about 200 words setting:

  1.  Title,
  2.  Authors name and affiliation;
  3. The main research questions author is going to cover in the article

– should be sent not later than 25 October 2018 . The selected authors will be notified.
The full article should be sent by 1 December 2018 to
Full guide for Journal Contributors is here

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