Articles by Sergiy Gerasymchuk

Sergiy Gerasymchuk

Sergiy Gerasymchuk – Board member at Strategic and Security Studies Group and Board member at the Foreign Policy Council “Ukrainian Prism”. As an expert, Sergiy cooperated with Peace Research Institute Frankfurt, ICDS (Estonia), ICDT (Hungary), as well as Uppsala (Sweden), Lublin (Poland) and Giessen (Germany) Universities. Sergiy holds MA in Political Science from Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Ukraine) and graduated from the Estonian School of Diplomacy.



The article touches issues of Ukraine-Moldova relations and considers pros and cons of the realism-oriented and liberalism/constructivismoriented approaches in the bilateral relations. The author argues that liberal constructivist approach will result in win-win results whereas the realism-oriented approach can be counterproductive and thus a task of the civil society is to invigorate governments to make…

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